You did what?! with Tines

Build something cool in Tines.
Fun or serious. Simple or complex.

We see you out there building creative and useful workflows every day. YDWWT is a competition for our incredible community of Builders to share what they’ve automated with Tines, from simple uses to complex or downright wacky. Share your creation and demonstrate just how much you can do with Tines.

What type of stories should I enter?

You can enter stories that automate any number of things. It doesn’t have to be a story you recently built or an idea that fits into these categories, these are just ways to get inspired!

AI efficiency

How are you leveraging our newest features to make your workflows even more powerful?

Everyday workflows

Show us a security and/or IT workflow that's bringing automation to the forefront of your organization.

Tiny Tines

Have a story that’s small but mighty? We want to see your best workflows with 10 actions or less.

Building apps

Share how you're creating rich end-user experiences by connecting pages and actions to build self-contained apps with Tines.

Tines for fun

Trying out our free community edition or automating beyond the confines of your 9-5? Show us any unexpected ways you use Tines in the spirit of fun, entertainment or convenience.

What will I win?

We can’t resist the urge to send you gifts, so every submitter gets a prize. We’ve tiered the prizes into three buckets: participation, category winner, and grand prize winner.

Entry prize

A mini collection of Tines swag.

Category winners

A choice of carefully selected gift packages.


Check out these published stories and previous winners for a little extra inspiration to get started.

Streamline macOS software updates with self-service patch management

Our macOS Patch Management automation streamlines the entire lifecycle of managing software updates for macOS operating systems. It includes a self-service implementation of opting in and out of the patch management pilot group via Tines pages and a ring 0/ring1 approach to distributing macOS operating system updates. Updates are initially pushed to the pilot group for testing, and after a week, they are rolled out to the production group. This automation neatly balances user empowerment, system security and stability, and overall reduction of our company's attack surface.

Tools: Jamf

By Tyler Talaga at MyFitnessPal

Manage Elasticsearch and GKE clusters via Slack bot

Capture the value of Tines in a non-security use case. At Elastic, the InfoSec team has a number of Elasticsearch clusters deployed on Kubernetes, using Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) on a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). The idea is that with a Slack bot, an engineer is able to interact with any Elasticsearch cluster and Kubernetes cluster and get more visibility about the health of the cluster and trigger further commands very easily. The features of this bot are the following: Ability to get a list of all GKE clusters from a GCP project and their respective status via Slack. Ability to check the health of Elasticsearch cluster, get shared allocation information and query Elasticseach to check the node disk space from Slack. Ability to get a list of all pods, services, and ingresses of a particular GKE cluster from Slack. Ability to restart a pod from Slack.

Tools: Argo Workflows, Google, Kubernetes

By Christopher Cutajar at Elastic

Create Google Calendar events from Notion database

Create events in a Google calendar from a Notion database.

Tools: Google, Notion

By Jesse Johnson at Material Security

Use AI to create cases and act on CrowdStrike alerts

Get CrowdStrike alerts and create a Tines case using AI to build the ticket. Use AI to automatically initiate required remediation steps.

Tools: CrowdStrike, Okta, PagerDuty, Zscaler


Entering couldn’t be easier

It’s as easy as clicking export a story from your current tenant, then submitting the story by clicking the button below. New and existing Tines users are all welcome!


When should I submit my entry?

Stories must be submitted by August 20th, 2024.

What is the criteria for submissions?

  • Stories must be clear and able to run for our testing process

  • A proper story must have at least each of the following to be considered:

    • ≥5 actions

    • Story name

    • Story description

    • Any requirements for using the story (i.e credentials, tools)

  • All submissions will be vetted and added to our community library under the YDWWT tag

  • Tines and other builders have permission to use your story in production

  • Winning stories will be shared on this webpage, Tines social media, and on our blog

How do I submit a story?

Simply click “Export story” from your current tenant in the dropdown menu next to the story name, and upload the file via the submission form.

Can I submit a story anonymously?

Yes, you can submit a story without your name attached. All story submissions will be added to the community library and we will ask for your permission to add your story in the submission form. Should you wish to not have your name and/or company associated with your story, select No on the submission form.

How are winners judged?

Winners will be selected by an internal team of Tines experts, based on the depth of the story and how closely it meets the submission requirements.

When will winners be announced?

Winners will be announced publicly by the end of September 2024.