Tines for Vulnerability Management

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How Greenlight built a fully automated vulnerability management and triage process

For teams focused on vulnerability management, maintaining a secure and resilient environment for your organization is paramount. From finding vulnerabilities and assessing their risk, to patch management and continuous reporting, teams are often juggling disconnected systems, various input sources, and manual prioritization and assignment to ensure vulnerabilities aren’t being overlooked.

Join us as we explore how Greenlight identifies and triages vulnerabilities in their organization using automated workflows in Tines. From manually evaluating and prioritizing across four different vulnerability sources to creating a fully hands-off process using automation, learn how Tines powers Greenlight to prioritize, respond to, and remediate vulnerabilities – without losing any context along the way.

During the webinar, we’ll cover:

-The vulnerability landscape today (and challenges Greenlight's security team faced in building their program)

  • Building a vulnerability input stack that actually works together
  • Insights from Greenlight on how they’ve built a fully automated vulnerability management and triage process
  • How automation powers customization and prioritization at scale
  • A Q&A session with Greenlight and Tines

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