Intercom's Journey to an Automation Center of Excellence

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Intercom moved from taking 2 months to build a workflow to taking 2 hours using Tines.

Join us as we explore how Intercom’s IT team used Tines to boost efficiency by overhauling their workflows.

As well as using Tines for themselves, the IT team provides the guardrails by which they can share Tines with other teams in their business and allow these teams to automate their own workflows without worrying about compliance, sensitive data etc.

What to expect from the webinar:

  • A summary of how Intercom used to build and manage workflows compared to what they are doing now with Tines.
  • How Tines can help your IT infrastructure/IT support/ Cloud Security/ Customer solutions teams.
  • Q&A session with Tines and Intercom to answer your questions

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