How Auth0’s engineering team tamed incident response with no-code automation

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No-code automation isn't just for non-technical users. Programmers have enough code to maintain as it is, so when they want to build an important workflow to improve how the team works, it's great to be able to skip all the baggage like logging, monitoring, persistence, backups, and deployments.

Join Tines and special guest Dennis Henry, Sr. Engineering Manager at Auth0, as we dive into one such real use case – engineering incident response. When engineers are focused on triaging an issue, the last thing they should be worrying about is the tooling they are using to organize their response.

We'll explore the implementation, and what other teams can learn from Auth0's philosophy of automating the whole lifetime of an incident, from chat ops to post mortems to analytics – allowing engineers to investigate and fix systems, instead of carrying out manual process tasks.

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