Intro to Tines

University intro 

This program is designed to give you a lightweight consumable education around the Tines automation platform. It should take about ~30 minutes to go through each series within the university. Including beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections. Each module within the series is designed to bring you up to speed on the platform quickly. As you go through each of these sections you'll receive contextual information about how the tool works and the intricacies of implementation.

The material is a mix of text, images, how-to videos, interactive experiences, and ends with the next steps to get more involved. At the conclusion, you'll find additional research to learn outside of the University, as well as be able to build along with Tines specialists.

If you find that you are enjoying the content or wish there was more context please thumbs up 👍 or thumbs down 👎 at the bottom of the screen. This program is intended to evolve and get more modules in the future so your feedback will help us design more content.

Without further ado, let's dive into it 🏊

What is Tines? 

▲  What is Tines?

Tines is an automation platform that allows you to build workflows using "stories", "actions", and "events".

Key pillars of Tines 


Actions represent the individual steps that lead to completing an overall task.


Stories represent the overall use case that houses your actions. They automate an end-to-end workflow.


Events are the data that is transferred between actions, flowing from the top action down through the story.

This video explains the basics of Tines, focusing on actions, the storyboard, and the properties panel.

Welcome to Tines 

▲  Welcome to Tines


In your journey to master Tines automation, having access to reliable and comprehensive resources is crucial. At Tines, we understand the importance of providing you with the tools and information you need to succeed. Our extensive range of resources is designed to empower you and support your automation efforts at every step.



Summary: This section provides details about each key feature of Tines. You can learn more about stories, actions, events, credentials, resources, functions, and many more.



Summary: This section explains how to use the Tines API. It covers how to automatically onboard users, dynamically create actions, and perform many other tasks.

Story Library


Summary: The Story Library contains a collection of pre-built stories that cover various use cases. You can import stories that resonate with your team's specific use case, whether it involves connecting the tools you use or performing specific processes.

What's new


Summary: Stay up to date with the latest features added to Tines by visiting the What's New section. Learn about the most recent addition, such as the introduction of touch support for Tines.

Tines explained 


Tines explained is a companion resource available in Tines that outlines key features and provides guidance on first-time support. It also includes answers to FAQs and how-to videos.

You can access Tines Explained by clicking here or selecting "help and support" or "chat with support" from your Tines tenant.

Tines Community 

The Tines Community Edition is a fully-featured cloud instance of Tines. It’s free to use, requires no up-front commitment, and includes a generous automation capacity. Anyone can sign-up and within minutes begin leveraging all the enterprise-grade features of a paid plan including Action templates, reporting, Story runs, forms, Action monitoring, SSO/SAML, and more. 

We can't wait to see what you build. Get started today.

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