Tines Support Reference Guide

1. Introduction  

The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of the services and procedures for Tines Support and Customer Service for all users of Tines. Details on how to get answers to your support queries can be found here.

If you are a paid Tines user, you will have access to our highly trained Technical Support Staff, Customer Success Engineers, and Customer Success Managers. In addition, you will have access to the Tines University and Explained. Reviewing the procedures described in this guide will enable you to receive the best customer service possible.

2. Services Available  

Technical Support 

The technical support team is available during the hours outlined in your service agreement. The hours of operation are available in section 3.

The technical support team is focused on providing break-fix support and can be contacted to report bugs, submit ideas, and request basic instructions on the Tines platform usage. More information can be found in section 6 of this document.

Customer Success Engineer (CSE) 

The customer success team and your designated customer success engineer will guide you on how to be successful with Tines. The CSE will arrange regular meetings with you to ensure you get the most value from the Tines platform by providing best practice advice, design advice for stories, and overall platform guidance.

Customer Success Manager (CSM) 

Your customer success manager (CSM) will oversee your general success with the Tines platform, working closely with the technical support and customer success teams. The CSM will lead the business reviews with your team to ensure the greatest success possible with the Tines platform.

Professional Services (PS) 

Professional services (PS) are available to purchase from Tines. PS quotes can be obtained from your CSM. A PS engagement will be based on a statement of work (SOW) to be agreed upon and quoted before the engagement begins. Professional services will be delivered by a member of the Tines Customer Success team.


Tines offers a range of training solutions. Self-paced Tines videos are available to access at https://www.tines.com/lessons at no cost.

Tines instructor-led training offerings are available to purchase. To obtain a quote please get in touch with your CSM. Training is delivered both in-person and remotely.

3. Technical Support Offerings 

For standard and add-on support offerings, Tines will make all commercially reasonable efforts toward resolving a query or issue in the shortest amount of time. Tines offers customer support to ensure you have the help how and when you need it. Community edition and startup program customers can avail of our community support as outlined below.

To discuss the support options available, please get in touch with your CSM. Details on how to contact support can be found here.

* Response times are measured from when Tines becomes aware of the query during regular business hours. Updates will follow at the same intervals as the response times.

Response times only apply to self-hosted deployments from when access has been permitted to the Tines Technical Support Engineer.

Response times do not apply when holidays referenced in Section 8 occur.

4. Priority and impact 

Upgrade/Downgrade of Severity Level 

If during the support request process, the issue either warrants the assignment of a higher severity level than currently assigned or no longer warrants the severity level currently assigned based on its current impact on the production operation of the service, then the severity level will be upgraded or downgraded accordingly to the severity level that most appropriately reflects its current impact.

When a query is raised, support may:

  • Request a copy or sample of the story, action, or event to which the query relates

  • Request access to the tenant the query relates to

  • Request a remote meeting with the user who raised the query to assist with investigations

  • Consult with other Tines colleagues to determine the nature of the issue or query

  • Require further information to assist with investigations

  • Provide a workaround while a permanent resolution is prepared

  • Recommend an upgrade to the latest version of Tines to address the query or issue (Self-Hosted only)

Tines Status Page 

If there is an issue with Tines that affects multiple cloud-hosted customers, details will be provided at https://status.tines.com regarding the status, resolution, and cause of the issue.

5. Scope of Technical Support 

Tines Technical Support aims to provide assistance to users of the Tines platform. The team is qualified to answer queries, diagnose failures and troubleshoot problems with the Tines platform. The support team will strive to transfer knowledge during all support interactions to ensure the successful usage of Tines, which requires knowledgeable end users.

What is part of Technical Support? 

  • Analyzing challenges that prevent the Tines platform from operating as it was designed and documented and determining if the issue is caused by a bug or configuration setting

  • Escalating and explaining bugs to the Tines development team and updating users on the status of upcoming product updates

  • Informing users about general documentation relating to their query

  • Provide basic instruction to properly configure the Tines platform

  • Documenting the user’s ideas and relaying them to the Tines design team

  • Provide best practices when applicable to help the user achieve their aims

Self-hosted: Tines can assist with issues encountered with self-managed/self-hosted Tines deployments but is not responsible for installing, updating, or maintaining the Tines platform which is deployed in a user environment.

What is not part of Technical Support 

  • Consulting or designing solutions (please refer to Tines professional service offerings)

  • Modifying third-party solutions

  • Providing training courses (please refer to Tines training offerings)

6. Bugs and Ideas 

All queries and issues that cannot be resolved will be referred to the Tines product development team. All product bugs are reviewed by the design and development teams and prioritized for resolution in a future update. Customers will be informed regarding the plan for the resolution of a bug.

Ideas on how to add to the functionality of the Tines platform can be submitted to the Tines support team in the form of a case. The ideas are forwarded to the Tines product team for review. New features are posted at https://www.tines.com/whats-new/

7. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction 

At Tines we welcome your feedback, value your comments and encourage you to contact us with any concerns or suggestions. In addition, as part of our commitment to providing you with the best experience possible, Tines conducts customer surveys. From time to time after a case has been closed or as part of an NPS survey, you may be requested to provide information regarding your satisfaction with the quality of our products and services. Please take the few minutes necessary to answer the questions to help us maintain the highest level of service.

To escalate a ticket, please email support@tines.io for the attention of the Head of Support in the subject, and provide the ticket number in the email body.

You can also escalate a ticket number to your Customer Success Manager or your Customer Success Engineer via email.

8. Holiday Schedule 2024