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Track issues across GitHub and Zendesk

Receive a notification from Zendesk when an internal note is created on a ticket containing certain strings. Fetch the ticket comment, attachments, and URLs, then create an issue in GitHub. If the issue is updated, update the Zendesk ticket accordingly.

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Instantly import stories to your tenant where you can adapt them to meet your unique business requirements.

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Transform alerts to the OCSF format using ChatGPT and create a case

ChatGPT maps various alerts to the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) format. Upon converting the alerts, a new case is created within Tines.



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How Turo aligns teams across platforms

Turo went from spending too much time manually creating and populating Jira tickets to exchange information, to automating that information exchange. This saves between 15-45 min per investigation.

Learn more about how Turo uses Tines.

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Snowflake reimagines case management with Tines

“We’ve calculated that we’ve saved about 10 hours per day with alert correlation and enrichment.”

Learn more about how Snowflake uses Tines.


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