Employee lifecycle

Transform your most cumbersome processes

Automate complex employee lifecycle processes such as shift management, just in time provisioning, onboarding, and offboarding. This ensures you are managing these requests efficiently, consistently, and in an audit-able way.

Use case

Onboard employees to BambooHR and grant access to office suites and Microsoft Teams

Run a report against BambooHR to pull details of all employees recently hired. It then creates a user in Okta, Google Workspace and Office 365, and adds the employee to their department channel in Microsoft Teams.

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Disable accounts in Google Workspace, GitHub, and Okta

Suspend or disable user accounts in Google Workspace, GitHub, and Okta after securing approval via Jira or email, and track the process through Jira tickets.

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Aaron Sandow

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How a crypto exchange company created a positive first impression

It used to take 4 hours per person to onboard a new employee. Now, it's a matter of minutes and it includes more communication points than before.

Learn more about how Crypto Exchange uses Tines.


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