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Identify EC2 instances missing tags and configure them with a Tines page

Retrieve AWS EC2 instances that are missing required tags. Send a Slack message with a link to a Tines page allowing anyone to set the required tags quickly.


AWS, Slack

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Conor Dunne

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Manage temporary EC2 instances for development and testing and send notifications in Slack

Teams who frequently need to temporarily start EC2 instances for development, testing, and demos, but don't want to waste resources by leaving them up and running all of the time. Search for EC2 instances by name or tag, start them with a scheduled stop time, and optionally send Slack notifications.


AWS, Slack

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How Applied Systems regains 4-5 days of work time monthly

Their team reduces time to respond to 30 seconds per alert with fewer duplicates and false positives

Learn more about how Applied Systems uses Tines.


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