Getting answers to your Tines questions

You can get answers to your Tines questions via our community slack, in-product chat, Tines Explained, Tines University, email, or Community Slack.

Community Slack 

We have hundreds of experienced Tines builders in our community. We encourage all users to discuss their use cases and feature requests, share any jobs, and participate in our growing and vibrant Community! Click here to register.

Once registered, you can contribute and find answers from other Tines users and our team members.

In-product assistance and Tines Explained 

You can access in-product help by clicking on "Help and Support" and selecting "Chat with Support" on the bottom left of your screen. Click on "Help" to access Tines Explained.

You can also contact the Tines support team, who will reply via chat.

Tines University 

The University the primary resource for assistance with building in Tines includes information on self-hosting, action types, API, and formulas. Within the University, you can search across blogs, docs (including API), the library, and video lessons, and if necessary, create a case for the Tines Support team.

Status page 

If there is an issue with Tines that affects multiple cloud-hosted customers, details will be provided at regarding the status, resolution, and cause of the issue.

Email support 

Once a case is created via the University, correspondence with the Tines Support team will be via email:

  • You will receive an email acknowledgment with a case number.

  • To update the case and the Tines Support team, please reply via email.

Tenant unavailable 

If you are unable to access your tenant, first check for updates.

If you still urgent assistance, click here to raise an emergency support request. 


Why Support? 

When working with support, you work with a team that mitigates a single point of failure. We operate across multiple channels and are available 8x5 or 24x5, depending on your support contract. We also provide a query number. Once there is a number, there is an owner for your query.

Finally, we use your queries and our responses to enhance our training and technical content, which benefits all the users of Tines.