group is a collection of actions in a story. Groups enable a better organization of complex stories by extracting well-defined branches of a story into a group.

Creating a group 

Create a group by selecting multiple actions and clicking "Group". You can also use the keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + G.


  1. A group cannot have an associated form

  2. Webhook or IMAP actions cannot be grouped

  3. Actions in a group cannot be scheduled

Inputs and Outputs 

Each group will have both a group input and group output.

Group Input 

The group input defines custom fields that can be sent to the group, such as inputs. This will allow you to easily pass data to your group from its parent story.

A group input can have more than one custom option, which must be one of the supported data types.

  1. Object: Displays an object builder

  2. Plain Text: Displays a plaintext input field

  3. Checkbox: Renders the options as a single option checkbox

  4. Number: Renders a number input field

  5. Formula: Renders formula input field

Group Output 

The group output configures the data being returned from the group.

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