Upgrading from PostgreSQL 11 to PostgreSQL 14 - Docker Compose

Tines now supports PostgreSQL 14, from Tines v15.0 onwards. Starting with Tines v15.1.0 we also ship with a script to automatically upgrade your Docker Compose installation from PostgreSQL 11.x to PostgreSQL 14.5.

Note: Since PostgreSQL 11 will be unsupported after November 9, 2023, we will be discontinuing support for PostgreSQL 11.x in version 19.0. Any 18.x or older versions will still support PostgreSQL 11.x.

You can follow the below steps to perform the PostgreSQL upgrade:

  • Upgrade to the release v15.1.0 or later by following the steps here

  • Navigate to the install directory after the upgrading to v15.1 (typically /opt/tines)

  • Run ./upgrade-postgresql11.sh. Few notes:

    • This will perform a docker compose down a few times.

    • Depending on the size of the database, this can take anywhere between 2 mins to 30 mins.

    • It is recommended to take a snapshot of the instance before performing.

    • In case the process fails mid way, you can execute the following to restore to the previous database: ./upgrade-postgresql11.sh -r

  • That's all: in the end your docker-compose.yml will have been updated to point the PostgreSQL 14.5 image and all the data imported into the new volume as well.

If you are running into Postgres memory issues, you can also run the following to perform the Postgres upgrade process using BINARY format, using:

./upgrade-postgresql11.sh -b

Everything else works similarly as described above.

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