Before you begin


Tines can be deployed as a self-hosted installation in multiple environments (cloud and on-premise). This document outlines the steps for our most common orchestration tools:

  • AWS Fargate

  • Docker Compose

Please contact us for more information about supported self-hosted environments.

Who to Contact 

Tines Enterprise customers who wish to convert to a self-hosted deployment should:

  • Contact their Tines Customer Success Manager (CSM) to discuss self-hosting planning, pricing, and contractual details.

  • Contact support at the Hub or email to request self-hosted application files. 

You can then download the self-hosted application files.

If you encounter issues during the installation process and require assistance, contact support as above. Please include the docker-compose logs output.

For custom configuration and deployment, contact your Tines Sales Engineer (SE) or Customer Success Engineer (CSE).


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