Collections are groups of related pages in a shareable index. It allows users to discover pages for easy self-servicing.


Pages and collections 

Only pages that kick off a workflow can be added to a collection. These pages have a static URL and can be accessed at any time.

Pages in a draft or test stories cannot be added to collections as they are only available as you work on them.

A page can be added to many collections. For example, a page that lets users submit feedback can be discovered from both internal and external collections.

Who can view a collection 

Collections can be viewed by anyone with the link. It does not affect who can view individual pages.

You can change individual pages' visibilities in their page settings. Learn more in “Distribution and access control”.

Managing collections 

You can manage collections by selecting a page from the diagram, then navigating to the Collections section on the right panel.

You can also view the collection or copy its link for easy sharing from this section.

Reordering pages in a collection 

You can reorder pages in a collection by clicking the dropdown in the Manage modal or the list of collections in your team.

Collection settings 

Your collection should have a unique name. It forms the URL so others can find it. For example, “Ask engineering” will be accessible at

A collection's name and header logo can be modified from a dropdown in the collection page's top right corner.

Be cautious: changing the name may affect bookmarks.

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