Connect flows



Connect flows guide users through the process of creating a credential for a specific product. Each connect flow is unique to its product and will create a credential for the user in the team where the connect flow was completed. Connect flows create various types of credentials detailed in the sections above in addition to a managed oauth type credential, allowing users to easily authenticate to a platform by signing in with their account. Please note, connect flows that create managed oauth type credentials are not available for self-hosted tenants.

Create a credential with a connect flow 

Connect flows can be accessed in the below areas:

  1. Credentials home: select + New credential and choose the product you'd like to connect to Tines.

  2. Storyboard:

    1. Story overview pane:

      1. Select + in the credentials section and choose the product you'd like to connect to Tines.

      2. Select Connect by the product name and choose Create credential or New connection.

      3. Select Replace after hovering over the product name and choose Create credential.

    2. Product template: if you select a template for a product that has a connect flow, a connect button will appear. Select Connect and then New connection to start the connect flow for that product.

Connect flow products 

For details on each connect flow, view the pages below:

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