Troubleshooting command-over-http


Common errors 


This indicates that the specified library is not included with command-over-HTTP. We support several libraries like python3, bash, iputils, zlib and powershell, but the library you're trying to use may not be included.

An alternative (available in Cloud tenants only) is using the Run Python script since it has fewer limitations on the libraries it can use.


Your script could be running longer than the HTTP request action is.

  1. You can set the EXECUTION_TIMEOUT env var on the command-over-HTTP container to be a value greater than the one in their HTTP request timeout. The value is in seconds, so, e.g., it could be set to 600 (10 mins). See the environment variables page for command-over-HTTP for more information.

  2. Your command might just be taking longer, so extending the timeout figures on the container and/or private system could help.

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