Public Templates

While you can easily create any action from scratch, Tines also provides pre-built templates for commonly used products to save you time while building your workflows. For example, our templates support creating tickets, disabling user accounts and performing threat intelligence scans.

Public templates 

Action templates available to all customers are categorized by product. Templates can be added to a story by dragging the product onto the storyboard and selecting the relevant task. 

Required and optional inputs 

All required input fields for a template will be displayed when you select the task with a Required denotation. You can additionally add optional fields by selecting + Optional Inputs at the bottom of the build panel. If you would like to remove an optional input, select the - symbol next to that input.

View template configuration 

To view the configuration of a template, select Look inside from the kebab menu next to the product name in the builder panel. This will display the http request configuration being used by the template. Pill values that contain INPUT.<text> will reference the values you input to the template.

Select a different template 

After dragging the product onto the storyboard and selecting a template, you can opt to select a different template for that product as well. Click the back arrow on the selected template by hovering over the product icon and it will populate the full task list for that product. If you input data into a template, select back, and then choose the same template, your previously inputted data will remain. You can additionally copy/paste a product template and select different tasks to build more quickly.

My desired task doesn't exist 

If the task you are searching for does not exist in the product's list of tasks, you can select our lightweight template Build your own that will assist you in building your own action. This template is pre-configured with the template's base URL, relevant authorization headers, and a link to that product's API documentation, which provides the base for customizing the action to your desired output. Additionally, you can make use of our cURL to Tines functionality if the product's API docs have cURL commands. Please let us know if you would like a task added for a product, we are always looking to improve this list to meet your needs!

Template search shortcut 

If you know the exact template you would like to use, search for your template within the storyboard command palette via ⌘K. Once you have identified your template, select the template for it to appear on the storyboard.

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