1000+ hours saved per year

98% reduction in time spent on threat hunting

30% reduction in vulnerabilities in two months

Workflow build time reduced by 95%, compared to Python

“No matter how many tools you change, you can keep Tines in place.”

79automated workflows
91.4%reduction in manual alert correlation

“The sheer time savings are immeasurable.”

"Tines is doing the work of at least 3 FTEs and, most importantly, is allowing…

1.5analysts freed up 
per week

“The net effect is that our employees can be protected while still getting the access…

“To have workflows that stitch all our tools together, that became a force multiplier.”

55% decrease in vulnerabilities

“We’re seeing a dramatic improvement in the consistency of our output.”

Tines is creating capabilities in our operations where they did not exist previously.

45 minsaved per onboarding request
~2,100 hourssaved per quarter

I'm no longer fragile to change. Instead of spending a years' worth of resources transitioning…

“Tines fell into my lap, and it was the perfect fit.”

4 hronboarding time gained per new hire

“With Tines, we have real-time visibility across our endpoints and our environment.”

4-5 dayssaved per month

“Tines is flexible, lightweight, and easy to use."

“I was able to build a Tines story that reduced the time spent by 50…

“If it has an API, Tines can integrate with it.”

“We never could have moved this quickly with manual processes.”

“Thanks to Tines, the first time an analyst looks at the case, they already have…