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Harnessing the power of real-time communication between Microsoft Teams and Slack

A step-by-step guide to using Tines to allow Slack and Microsoft Teams users to communicate in real-time.

Combine Tines and OctoPerf to test your website’s performance capability and automate custom load balancing tests

Tines’s features allow for centralized use and management of external tools once integrated within the platform, all through the user-friendly interface of Pages. These are the steps to using Tines with OctoPerf to test your website’s performance capabilities without navigating off Tines.

Transitioning to Tines cases for automation tasks

How to update your workflows to create a case in Tines instead of, or alongside, your ticket in Jira.

Tines browser extension configuration guide

Using a browser extension, Tines can provide enrichment for Indicators of compromise (IoCs). Learn how you can quickly create a browser extension with Tines and start enriching IPs.

Capability deep dive: Data search

Discover the power of automated data search in cybersecurity, as outlined in the Automation Capability Matrix. This blog delves into implementing data search using SIEM systems, handling search jobs, and addressing various use cases, ultimately enhancing security and efficiency across multiple workflows.

Counting the seconds: a method of showing automation value

Learn how to effectively record the time saved from automation to demonstrate its value.

How to use the Microsoft Graph API for email

In this tutorial, we'll show how to integrate Tines with the Microsoft Graph API.

Utilizing Tines' Automation Capability Matrix

In this example, we take a very common process many organizations face - phishing response - and apply the ideas outlined in the Automation Capability Matrix.

Enhance threat response with Tines' Automation Capability Matrix

With this set of techniques, security teams can identify new automation opportunities and implement strategies to enhance their threat response efforts.

Automating compliance processes with Tines

Automation can play a crucial role in helping organizations navigate the challenges of ensuring secure and compliant hybrid cloud environments. With Tines, automating key compliance workflows is no longer a struggle.

Leverage the HashiCorp Cloud Platform Vault with Tines

Learn how to use Tines to retrieve an application's credentials whenever you require them in a workflow.

Handle Terraform Cloud infrastructure requests automatically with Tines

Tines helps DevOps teams better leverage Terraform Cloud run tasks pre-plan by enabling them to approve and record infrastructure requests from Terraform Cloud automatically.