Announcing our $50M Series B extension

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Written by Eoin Hinchy

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce a major milestone in the Tines journey. We recently completed a second Series B extension, raising an additional $50M from existing investors.

What does this news mean for Tines? Well, first and foremost, our mission doesn't change. We're more focused than ever on powering the world's most important workflows. This new funding will allow us to pursue the full breadth of our ambitions. 

Industry leaders at companies including Canva, Intercom, and McKesson trust Tines with mission-critical workflows for incident response, employee lifecycle management, and much more. We’re most excited about the impact the funding will have on these, and all of our customers, from startups to Fortune 10 companies. 

Investments in innovation 

The additional funding allows us to double down on our investment in people, product, partnerships, community, and customers.

We'll continue to build innovative products that add value for our customers, whether that’s usability improvements, investments in scalability, or new AI-powered features. You'll also see us grow and expand the team, from research and development to our already world-class enterprise support. 

Introducing AI in Tines 

Today is also the day we begin an early access period for two new AI-powered features centered on improving platform usability. 

The potential for AI in workflow automation is huge, but most of the products we’ve seen in this space have felt rushed and fragile. What we've been working on is fundamentally different. It's grounded in solving real customer problems, and ensuring we have answers to customer concerns around privacy, security, and ease of use. 

The next chapter 

We've always measured our success by our customers' success. So we’re incredibly proud of the consistent value our team adds for customers on a daily basis. We now help over 33,000 users automate tens of thousands of unique workflows. Tines performs over 40 million daily automated actions on behalf of our customers, and users of our always-free Community Edition, and those numbers are growing every single day. 

The results are extremely powerful - less risk, happier, more engaged teams, and more time to focus on the work that matters.

Tines has 33,000 unique users, 26,000 unique workflows and 40M daily actions

I’m personally more excited about the future of Tines than I’ve ever been. We’ve got so many unique product innovations that have been crafted with incredible focus and care, and we can’t wait to get them into the hands of our customers and community.

Of course, these types of achievements are only possible because of the hard work, and commitment of so many people. This is our chance to send a heartfelt thank you to our teammates, customers, partners, investors, and all of our users. Thank you!

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