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Implementing AI within your security strategy: 7 best practices

Ready to tap into the benefits of AI? Tines CEO Eoin Hinchy shares his best practices for security teams.

Accelerating privacy and security in AI with Tines

Tines' Head of Product Stephen O’Brien shares how his team developed AI features that respond to customer security concerns.

“AI is only useful when it solves real customer problems”: Tines on Risky Biz

Tines CEO Eoin Hinchy joins Patrick Gray on the Risky Biz podcast to discuss privacy and security in AI and workflow automation.

AI in Tines: secure and private by design

Exploring our unique approach to ensuring secure adoption of AI and LLMs within workflow automation

Introducing AI in Tines

How to use our new features to unlock greater efficiency through better workflow practices

What Udemy is building with AI in Tines

Senior security engineer Kyle McGaley talks us through the first workflows he built with AI in Tines

What MyFitnessPal is building with AI in Tines

Staff engineer Tyler Talaga talks us through the first security workflows he built with AI in Tines

Automating detection and response with Tines workflows and Sysdig

Learn how Sysdig and Tines provide an integrated detect, triage and respond solution that enhances cloud security.

5 pre-built workflows created and shared by Tines users

To celebrate the arrival of the 75th community-submitted workflow in our library, the team from Tines Labs highlight five of their all-time favourites.

Afni's Brent Deterding on deploying MFA for 10,000 employees and becoming "the Happy CISO"

The Chief Information Security Officer shares his four security non-negotiables and discusses facing off against threat group Scattered Spider.

How cloud engineering teams use Elastic Observability and Tines to optimize resources

With Elastic Observability and Tines, cloud engineers can build workflows to help maximize resource utilization and minimize expenses.

The NFL's George Griesler on securing the Super Bowl and reducing risk through collaboration

The NFL's Senior Director of Cybersecurity takes us inside the security operations command centre for the most-watched event in US TV history.