What's new in Tines: May Edition

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Written by Hannah RoyProduct Marketing Manager

Connect flows for credentials 

With our new connect flows you can create credentials with less friction. As you build, easily connect flows for 50+ products (with more being added all the time).

We also added some neat ways to restrict credentials by URL path or send email action.

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Reorder pages in a collection 

You can now easily reorder pages to fit your needs in a collection.

When you're continuously building new apps and adding them to collections, keeping things in order is essential. Well good news, now you can simply reorder your pages based on your specific needs.

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New functions 

Functions just keep on getting better and better. This month we added:



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With all the updates to cases, we’re giving builders like you more ways to take advantage of this feature. Today, you can now mark a status as either: To do, In progress, Open, Closed, Done, or Canceled.

That's not all! We also added:

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Tunnel health availability 

Closely track tunnel configurations between your self-hosted Tines Tunnel container and Cloudflare to better understand what issues may need addressing. Stay on top of statuses and issues with the new tunnel error messages.

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