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Written by Stephen O’BrienHead of Product, Tines

Everyone in the market is talking about AI right now. It’s a modern marvel; some say it might even be as big as the Industrial Revolution. We’re not big on grandiose statements like that, but we are big on delivering products that help our customers be more efficient and secure and, as a result, have happier and more engaged teams. 

That’s why today, we’re excited to announce AI in Tines. Two powerful features to make Tines even more accessible to any member of your organization. 

Automatic mode in Event Transform | AI Action

Automatic mode in Event Transform | AI Action

Private & secure by design 

As we approached building AI features in Tines, we knew ensuring your trust was most important. The solution we built ensures you are in control. You choose when you call the AI, whether it’s to help with data transformations in event transform or calling the AI action to help with interpreting incoming data. There’s no public networking, no training, no storage, and no query or output logging. 

The features 

Automatic mode in Event Transform 

Data transformations can be gnarly and hard. But with automatic mode, you now have the power to manage data transformations without needing to write a single line of code.

This is great for transformations like: 

  • Normalizing date formats (timezones got you down? try this!)

  • Map incoming alert data to a record schema

  • Convert between file formats to match other systems

  • Perform advanced cryptography

  • Create data visualizations for incoming data

AI Action, our 8th action 

Bringing LLMs into your tech stack can be anxiety-inducing, as you grapple with concerns about privacy and security. With our eighth (!!) action type, you can introduce an LLM privately and securely into your workflow. Some ways we’ve applied it ourselves include: 

  • Reviewing a document for sensitive information (i.e. a press release, employee survey, analyst report)

  • Check whether an email or text message is CEO fraud

  • Summarize workflow run information for a case

  • Prioritize and delegate incoming product requests

Get started: now free to all builders 

AI is a powerful tool to reduce barriers and open doors for you, so we believe it should always be available in some capacity. Our AI-powered features are accessible to all cloud plans, including our free Community Edition

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