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Written by Eoin HinchyCo-founder & CEO, Tines

Startups face unique challenges when it comes to security. They often lack the resources of larger companies, making security tools cost-prohibitive. At the same time, they are often developing new technologies designed for interoperability. No-code automation is the key to unlocking the potential of startups to build and scale smarter while managing their security risks from day one. 

When we were starting out, we got so much value out of Tines. After spending 15 years leading security teams at some of the most attacked companies in the world, my co-founder and I understood how transformative no-code automation could be. We couldn't find a good enough tool to solve our problems - too much work, not enough staff, and inevitable incidents - so we built our own. Fast forward to now, Tines is a core part of everything we do, and we want others to have the same advantage. 

We've seen how critical no-code automation can be to the success of an early startup (us included). We realized there wasn’t an easy way for startups to automate their mission-critical workflows in one platform that can unreservedly support their growth and development. Many early-stage companies use our free Community Edition, but Tines is in a position to support the startup community more.

Today we’re opening up the Tines Startup Program, an initiative dedicated to helping early-stage startups use no-code automation to reach product-market fit and grow their business. The program for small, emerging companies offers a full-featured, production-grade Tines tenant for $5,000 per year, which is a fraction of the usual price.


To be eligible for this heavily-discounted program, startups must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Have less than 100 employees

  • Founded less than five years ago

  • Raised less than $50 million in capital

  • The program is available for first-party use only

Overall, the Tines Startup Program is similar to our Starter Plan but has some additional limits, including no red lines, standard T&Cs, and community-level support.

Upon graduating from the program, our sales team can help you evaluate your requirements and decide on the best path forward. 

Getting started 

If you’re new to Tines or you’re an existing Tines customer that meets our eligibility requirements, you can apply to the program here

By using no-code automation, startups can take advantage of the latest security technologies and best practices, without having to invest in costly infrastructure or hiring specialized staff. In addition, no-code automation can help startups to quickly and easily adapt to changes in the threat landscape, ensuring that they are always one step ahead.

If you don’t meet these requirements but are still interested in learning more about Tines you can sign up for our free Community Edition or book a demo.

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