Announcing the free Tines Community Edition

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Written by Eoin Hinchy

Every day at Tines we see the value that powerful, easy-to-use automation tools create for teams on the front line. Providing analysts, engineers, and OPs staff with the technology they need to automate their repetitive workloads is allowing companies of all sizes to move faster, save time and create a more engaged workforce.

We’re proud of what we’ve built and think that every team should be able to experience the transformative power of automation, made simple. This is why we’re so excited to announce the general availability of the Tines Community Edition.

The Tines Community Edition is a fully-featured cloud instance of Tines. It’s free to use, requires no up-front commitment, and includes a generous automation capacity. Anyone can sign-up and within minutes begin leveraging all the enterprise-grade features of a paid plan including Action templates, reporting, Story runs, forms, Action monitoring, SSO/SAML, and more. 

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