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Written by Eoin HinchyCo-founder & CEO, Tines

If you've ever worked in security or another technical field, you've probably been burned many times by tools that overpromised and underdelivered. I still have scar tissue from my time leading security teams at eBay and DocuSign - we saw so many tools that demoed extremely well but turned out to be undeployable.

Like many security and IT practitioners, I was initially skeptical about AI, but my perspective has shifted. 

One experience that won me over was a very simple, some would say boring, use case involving timestamps. Converting one time format to another is a notoriously tedious task for software engineers, requiring an intricate understanding of various date, time, and time zone notations. My first "bingo" moment using AI in Tines came when this process was handled magically, without any need to refer to reference materials. Even in its simplicity, it was an eye-opening experience showcasing AI's potential to simplify complex, mundane tasks. 

During 18 months of testing, we had more than 70 failed AI experiments before we found the right approach for AI in Tines.

What does this mean for Tines users?  

As we continue to innovate and expand our best-in-class workflow builder, we’ve introduced the first native AI features in Tines. Designed to transform your workflows and elevate your business operations, these features are available to all cloud plans, including our always-free Community Edition. Our unwavering commitment to customer trust, safety, and security is fundamental to these new additions. 

Our time to value has always been remarkable due to our platform’s flexibility and intuitiveness. We consistently see a greater impact and higher levels of engagement compared to other workflow solutions; many of our customers build and utilize 10 times the industry average use cases within their first year. However, with AI in Tines, I can see that number skyrocketing. 

We believe automation and AI are synonymous, you can't have one without talking about the other. Combining these technologies with human ingenuity will make organizations more efficient and secure, and create more engaged, happier teams.

I am confident that AI in Tines will significantly reduce analyst alert fatigue and burnout, leading to fewer errors. And, I anticipate that this will substantially impact job satisfaction and employee retention rates. 

Trust & safety first 

We pride ourselves on being laser-focused on solving our customers’ problems. Trust, safety, and privacy are central to everything we do. While it has always been possible to use AI in Tines, we wanted to embed it natively into our platform for every user so you can leverage AI in your workflows without compromising your data and privacy. We run the language model within our own infrastructure. Your data never leaves the region, travels online, is logged, or is used for training. As always, your workflows and the data they contain are completely secure and private. They’re built by you but powered by Tines. You are in complete control.

So, how would I recommend using AI in Tines? My advice is to start slowly by using AI in relatively low-risk parts of your workflow. Monitor it and increase your dependency on AI as you build trust.

Around the time of our Series B announcement in April, we conducted an early access program with eligible customers, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We're blown away by what they've achieved in just a few weeks of using the AI action and automatic mode.

"I'm really excited about automatic mode. It will make a huge difference to the everyday user like me, the ability to ask Tines to build an Event Transform for me by asking it what to do in natural language will save me so much time and get my stories up and running so much quicker." - Rob Kernutt, Principal Solutions Architect, EMEA Channel and Alliances, Elastic

"It's unlocking new use cases for us. Automatic mode, especially, promises to help the team work faster and lower the barrier to entry for non-developers on the team." - Allen Cox, Senior Director of Security and Information Technology, MyFitnessPal

"These kind of features are very exciting for the team and very exciting for Udemy as a whole." - Kyle McGaley, Senior Security Engineer, Udemy 

We can’t wait to hear about the impact of these features from more customers!

Learn more about what teams at MyFitnessPal and Udemy are building with AI in Tines.

What makes AI in Tines special 

Efficiency is paramount in fast-paced business environments. The tectonic shift AI represents does not alter our mission or vision. We’ll continue to aid teams overwhelmed with work, struggling to connect disparate tools, and managing staffing shortages.

AI empowers us to supercharge our customers' journey with Tines - to build, run, and monitor your most important workflows even more efficiently and effectively.

With AI, we have dramatically accelerated our ability to serve more teams without extensive onboarding and training. Our new automatic mode feature helps you build more efficient workflows by allowing you to transform data and harness the full power of code, even with no coding experience. This feature makes your workflows more effective and manageable, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to your company.

The new AI action is our eighth action type in Tines, marking another exciting milestone. This feature enables you to confidently leverage AI and LLMs within your automated workflows, involving human oversight as needed and using robust reporting and guardrails to ensure expected outcomes. This unlocks endless possibilities for enhancing collaboration and operational success by assisting you with essential aspects of your workflows, like interpreting data, making decisions, formatting results, and so on.

AI in Tines: Key benefits 

Let's look at some of the key benefits of AI in Tines:

  • Time to value: Build important workflows even faster

  • Improve effectiveness: Optimize and scale workflows more easily

  • Private and secure: Leverage LLMs within your workflows securely

  • Drive decisions: Convert, format, summarize, and interpret your workflow/event data

  • Reduce friction: Improve workflow collaboration across your company with fewer barriers to entry

What's next for AI in Tines 

Effective AI implementation requires a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, which, among other things, involves deploying the right tools and workflows for your specific environment and continuously monitoring your system.

At Tines, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI while ensuring our customers' trust, safety, and security.

These features are part of a much broader AI strategy — and we’re just getting started! We invite you to explore AI in Tines - available to all users from today - and experience firsthand how it can transform your workflows and drive your business toward greater efficiency and success.

Thank you to the customers who generously gave their time to participate in our early access program - seeing your early successes has been hugely inspiring and encouraging!

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