View the current change request for a story.


HTTP Method: GET

Path Parameter Description
story_id The ID of the story .

Sample request

curl -X GET \
  https://<<META.tenant.domain>>/api/v1/stories/<<story_id>>/change_request/view  \
  -H 'content-type: application/json' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer <<CREDENTIAL.tines_api_key>>' \


A successful request will return a JSON object describing the change request

Field description

Parameter Description
id The story container ID.
change_request The change request.
story_diff An array containing changes made to the story

Sample response

  "id": 154,
  "change_request" {
    "story_diff": [{
      "operation" :"add",
      "target" : "action",
      "versions": [
          "name": "New action",
          "guid": "c7b71ef79ca29ae68b7763714c12dd05",
          "disabled": false,
          "description": null,
          "options": {
            "mode": "message-only",
            "message": "This is an optional message",
          "position": {
            "x": 300,
            "y": 300
          "schedule": null,
          "reporting": {
            "time_saved_value": 0,
            "time_saved_unit": "minutes"
          "monitoring": {
            "monitor_all_events": false,
            "monitor_failures": false,
            "monitor_no_events_emitted": null
          "width": null
      "data": {
        "name": "New action",
        "modified_at": "2023-10-16T11:16:25Z",
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