About us

Smart, secure workflows for the whole team

We believe that by combining automation and human ingenuity, organizations will be more efficient, more secure and have more engaged, happier teams.

How it started

Born in security, used by everyone.

Before Tines, our founders, Eoin and Thomas spent more than a decade as senior security operators, experiencing all of the usual pain points felt within and beyond security teams: too much work; not enough staff; inevitable incidents. They knew there needed to be a laser-focused solution, so in 2018 they started building Tines. 

Our Mission

To power the world’s most important workflows.

Our leadership

Eoin Hinchy

Co-founder & CEO

Thomas Kinsella

Co-founder & CCO

Terry Tripp

Chief Revenue Officer

Maria Dillon

Head of People

Niall Cowman

Head of Finance

Stephen O’Brien

Head of Product

Brian Long

Head of Engineering

Jonny Belton

Head of Design

Our values


We strive for our product, processes, and customer interactions to be as simple, straightforward, and understandable as possible. In everything we do, we try to remove the unnecessary barriers and friction, focusing on the most important and impactful work.


We are quick to ship, to respond, and to act. Speed is critical, however, it’s irrelevant if applied in a haphazard way. We must take ownership, execute with purpose, collect feedback, and iterate. In this way, speed becomes velocity and momentum.


We’re determined to achieve our mission and goals, but we want to be proud of HOW we achieve them. Doing the right thing for our customers and teammates is what truly sets Tines apart. We believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt. We demonstrate transparency, honesty and integrity at all times.

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We invite you to join our world class team in empowering a generation of accidental programmers.

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